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Our People:

Lifetime president:

Manuel Butterworth

Manuel Butterworth
The great-grandson of our founder, Christophe, was named lifetime president following his bold decision to float the company on the stock exchange in 1987.  Having studied history at university (here his generous donations have since led to the main library being named in his honour) and previously a member of the diplomatic corps, Harry now oversees our CSR fund and is staunchly committed to ensuring that the profits made by his family company are shared to the benefit of society as well as our shareholders.

Chief Executive:

Jimmy Griller

Jimmy Griller:
Having previously headed up the mergers and acquisitions department of several well-known firms, Jimmy joined Real Foods in 1986 to oversee the company’s floatation on the stock market.  Since then, he has made the company his own and his image is now synonymous with many of our products.  During his rare moments of spare time Jimmy is a keen scuba diver and can often be found indulging in his hobby in the warm seas of the Caribbean, though his particular favourite has always been Hawaii.   

Head of Technical Innovation:

Dr Anthony Einstein

Dr. Anthony Einstein:
An esteemed author in his fields of food innovation and process alignment, Dr. Einstein joined Real Foods in 2000.  During his nine years at the company he has contributed substantially to the reorganising of all production processes and personally overseen the completion of 36 new products, from innovation to distribution.

Head of Quality Control:

John Bossman

John Bossman
Quality control is a fundamental area of business for Real Foods as we aim to deliver consistently excellent products to our customers. John joined the company in 1984, working initially on the “Occasions” chocolate production line before quickly being promoted to the role of supervisor, over-seeing all chocolate-product production. In 1998, he was again promoted to his current position and has been successfully ensuring that all of our products and processes are of the highest standard ever since.

Head of Human Resources:

Alice Gentille

Alice Gentille
Real Foods considers Marie to be one of its key leaders of innovation.  The policies she has introduced during her six years in this post have benefitted both our own direct employees and suppliers.  She has been an important figure in recognising and implementing ideas articulated by staff and successfully oversaw the 2002 outsourcing programme to limit costs and benefit workers.


We pride ourselves on the notion that everyone we employ is encouraged to achieve their full potential and we actively encourage people to the team with their new ideas.


If you thrive in a fast-paced, ever changing and constantly challenging industry then you are just the person we want to join us!

We are currently recruiting for the current positions, but even if your expertise does not fit any of those categories, please send your CV to the HR department at our head office as we are always looking for fresh, entrepreneurial minds to add to our award winning team.

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